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Progas Pakistan Limited is the first fully integrated liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company in Pakistan, providing an environmentally friendly energy fuel all over Pakistan.

Progas was founded as a joint venture project between KUB Malaysia Berhad (KUB) and Progas Energy Limited (PEL), Maritius. Subsequently National Logistic Corporation (NLC) of Pakistan and KGL Group (KGL) of Kuwait has made significant capital commitment as shareholders. It is the largest investment in the LPG industry in Pakistan.


From handling LPG at its own import terminal, right down to the supply of consumer retail packs of LPG, while conforming to highest HSE standards, Progas aims to make a significant contribution to the social development of its customers and communities at large in Pakistan. More >>

"By using Progas' LPG, I don't have to spend as much money on kerosene or wood. When I used those for fuel, my old stove used to also let out a lot of smoke, but with LPG, there is very little smoke, so not only is my kitchen cleaner, I cough less. I feel healthier now and am now more comfortable having my children around while I cook."


Progas is the most versatile of fuels in and around your home, for your car, for your business, and for Pakistan. More >>


LPG represents a key phase in the transition from traditional to modern fuels, and remains the main fuel in areas remote from the natural gas grid.

LPG is a popular and widely used hydrocarbon fuel, occurring naturally in oil and gas fields or extracted in the oil refining process. More >>.

Progas delegation meets Prime Minister
Online International News Network
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LPG Marketing likely to commence next month
Business Recorder – September 15, 2004
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Progas signs $38M contract with Chinese, Canadian firms for LPG Project
The News – June 29, 2003
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LPG Terminal Project: PROGAS signs deal with China, Canada firms
Dawn – June 29, 2003
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Hascombe-Progas Engagement Session on LPG Autogas
May, 2009 - Progas Pakistan Ltd held an engagement session with the retailers and petrol station dealers of Hascombe Storage Ltd which is a local Oil Marketing Company. These engagement sessions are part of the Progas’ business policy of promoting LPG as an automotive fuel. More >>